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Nemo was the fish version of soul surfer.

If you say “raise up lights” really fast it sounds like ‘razor blades’ in an Australian accent.
When I graduate, I will sneak into all my teachers’ bedrooms and do this:


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I’m trying to be a new version of the person I’ve been my whole life.
Taylor Swift, March 2014 Glamour magazine. (x)
It’s really fucking good. She’s stepped up her game.
Ed Sheeran tells Rolling Stone about Taylor Swift’s new music x (via tswiftdaily)

  1. I left my favorite pair of underwear at your house. I know your mother hates me, can I come pick them up?
  2. It’s been almost a month and I still miss you like a fucking limb.
  3. I didn’t know my bones could ache until I met you.
  4. You know, a week before we broke up, do you remember? I had bought a book of poetry. You asked why I didn’t read something more interesting and I could feel my insides splinter.
  5. You said poetry was all lies dressed up to sound pretty. When I look at you these days, I want to ask if sadness sounds pretty to you too.
  6. It’s 3 a.m. and this alcohol tastes like you.
  7. I saw you staring at me today during Lit class. I smiled at you and you didn’t smile back. I almost cried.
  8. The girl who sits next to me smells like you.
  9. I miss you.
  10. I have never had so many bad nights.
  11. Sometimes I write poetry about you on the internet. Strangers who have never met either of us think you’re cruel – they tell me if they had the honor of loving me, we’d have sex three times a day and they’d scream my name when they came.
  12. They think it is beautiful, how I am broken. I don’t think they understand.
  13. You used to tell me I was beautiful. I tried saying it in the mirror the other day, but it sounded wrong without your mouth wrapped around it.
  14. Everything I say sounds wrong without your mouth wrapped around it.
  15. We were never in love, but, oh God, we could have been.
"15 Texts I Almost Sent You" by d.a.s (via backshelfpoet)


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Please update us on your lives. Album. Apartment. Nash. Living with mom? Tattoo. Boys. I MISS YOU.


I MISS YOU GUYS TOO. 😔 as soon as I’m allowed to say everything that’s been happening, I will!

HOLY CRAP IT HAPPENED!!!!! Megan answered me!!!!!!!



that’s why you can take off your fucking helmet and thank someone. this, right here. 

The first boy I fell in love with didn’t know I loved him, but he managed to break my heart anyway.

Holly Black, author of White Cat (via tu-hao)

oh my god. this. yes. so much. yes.